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If you want to rework or use my pic, ASK! :3 i don't bite you ;3

~Welcome to Terasedward's gallery~

NYAN by PopTartCat


~My Comics and own Characters~


:bulletgreen: Comics :bulletgreen:
:bulletred: Super Hexagon, Stay Alive :bulletred:
(On Hold)
:bulletred: Megaman Battle and Chase, Fair Game :bulletred:

:bulletgreen: Original Characters :bulletgreen:
DTN.000 - Teraman (Not picture yet)

:bulletgreen: Assistant Tera Numbers :bulletgreen:
ATN.000 Epsilon
ATN.001 Palliative

:bulletgreen: First Numbers :bulletgreen:
DTN.001 Thunderman
DTN.002 Cefieman
DTN.003 Smokeman
DTN.004 Featherman
DTN.005 Plasmaman
DTN.006 Dominoman
DTN.007 Wildman
DTN.008 Galeman

:bulletgreen: Second Numbers :bulletgreen:
DTN.009 Peakman (Not picture yet)
DTN.010 Liltman (Not picture yet)
DTN.011 Grimman (Not designed yet)
DTN.012 Lashman (Not designed yet)
DTN.013 Nullifyman (Not designed yet)
DTN.014 Pinionman (Not picture yet)
DTN.015 Creviceman (Not designed yet)
DTN.016 Foundryman (Not designed yet)
Super Hexagon OC's
Super Hexagon (Hyper)

Warrior Cats OC's
Greenishpaw (Vihertassu)

Random Characters
Darato the Greencat

Please, don't try to steal my art! :iconsays2plz:Zero Icon by bassexe220


41/84 Ready
I Going to Draw EVERY RobotMaster from Megaman Classic :D And Proto, Mega, Roll and Bass and Stardroids!

MainCharacters :Unready: 2/4
DLN.000 Protoman…
DLN.001 Megaman…
DLN.002 Roll
SWN.001 Forte/Bass

Stardroids READY! 9/9
SRN.001 Terra (Earth)…
SRN.002 Mercury…
SRN.003 Venus…
SRN.004 Mars…
SRN.005 Jupiter…
SRN.006 Saturn…
SRN.007 Uranus…
SRN.008 Pluto…
SRN.009 Neptune…

Megaman 1 :Unready: 7/8
DLN.003 Cutman…
DLN.004 Gutsman…
DLN.005 Iceman…
DLN.006 Bombman…
DLN.007 Fireman…
DLN.008 Elecman…
DLN.00A Timeman
DLN.00B Oilman
Bonus, Team Picture:…

Megaman 2 READY! 9/8
2nd Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp
DWN.009 Metalman…
DWN.010 Airman…
DWN.011 Bubbleman…
DWN.012 Quickman…
DWN.013 Crashman…
DWN.014 Flashman…
DWN.015 Heatman…
DWN.016 Woodman…
Bonus, Team Picture:…

Megaman 3 :Unready: 5/8
DWN.017 Needleman
DWN.018 Magnetman
DWN.019 Geminiman…
DWN.020 Hardman
DWN.021 Topman…
DWN.022 Snakeman…
DWN.023 Sparkman…
DWN.024 Shadowman…

Megaman 4 :Unready: 2/8
(Originally Cossack's DCN.---)
DWN.025 Brightman
DWN.026 Toadman
DWN.027 Drillman
DWN.028 Pharaohman…
DWN.029 Ringman
DWN.030 Dustman
DWN.031 Diveman
DWN.032 Skullman…

Megaman 5 :Unready: 1/8
DWN.033 Gravityman
DWN.034 Waveman
DWN.035 Stoneman
DWN.036 Gyroman
DWN.037 Starman…
DWN.038 Chargeman
DWN.039 Napalmman
DWN.040 Crystalman

Megaman 6 :Unready: 4/8
DWN.041 Blizzardman
DWN.042 Centaurman…
DWN.043 Flameman
DWN.044 Knightman…
DWN.045 Plantman…
DWN.046 Tomahawkman [Drawed already. I add it someday here :D]
DWN.047 Windman
DWN.048 Yamatoman

Megaman 7 :Unready: 1/8
DWN.049 Freezeman
DWN.050 Junkman
DWN.051 Burstman
DWN.052 Cloudman
DWN.053 Springman
DWN.054 Slashman
DWN.055 Shademan
DWN.056 Turboman…

Megaman 8 :Unready: 0/8
DWN.057 Tenguman
DWN.058 Astroman
DWN.059 Swordman
DWN.060 Clownman
DWN.061 Searchman
DWN.062 Frostman
DWN.063 Grenademan
DWN.064 Aquaman

Megaman 9 :Unready: 1/8
DLN.065 Concreteman
DLN.066 Tornadoman…
DLN.067 Splashwoman
DLN.068 Plugman
DLN.069 Jewelman
DLN.070 Hornetman
DLN.071 Magmaman
DLN.072 Galaxyman

Megaman 10 :Unready: 0/8
DWN.073 Blademan
DWN.074 Pumpman
DWN.075 Commandoman
DWN.076 Chillman
DWN.077 Sheepman
DWN.078 Strikeman
DWN.079 Nitroman
DWN.080 Solarman


Point Commission Info

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 6:23 AM

This is Point Commission Info journal~


So, Deviantart deleted my old Commission Info journal, so I do this new. (Anyway it needed update XD)
Lets check first what I do and what I don't do:

:bulletgreen: Fandoms: :bulletgreen:
- All Megaman games
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Sonic The Hedgehog
- Fc pictures of these fandoms

:bulletgreen: What I do :bulletgreen:
- Yaoi/Hentai/Yuri (This I will add in my NSFW tagged Tumblr. You going to get link when art is ready)
- CanonCanon

:bulletgreen: What I DON'T do :bulletgreen:
- FcCanon/CanonFc (Only pair of this is QuickJazz what I draw~)
- OcOc
- Over 4 character in same picture
:bulletgreen: How to ask commission?  :bulletgreen:
I DON'T answer here your "Can I ask commission?" questions. You know how to ask, if you read this info!

1. When you know what you want, send me NOTE named COMMISSION (Don't add anything more in Tittle. I save all my commissions.)
2. Tell me what you want so I don't need to ask "with bacground or not or what blablabla" So give me these infos!
 - Characters (Refpicture, if it's FC character)
 - In pair pictures give me semeuke style Metal[Seme]Quick[Uke] (MetalQuick, FlashCrash etc.) 
 - With background or not
 - Line art/sketch/flatcolor/Black n' White/Full colored
 - Ofc what you want they, she/he doing
3. When I accept your commission send me points. I don't start drawing before I have points, because I drew one commission, but I didn't never got points from the one who asked it so I never added that artwork here.
4. If my commission to you take over month, you get commission and your points back. Like guarantee. HealerCharm , one of my best customers, knows I will give them back with art, if it's not ready when it must be. :3 
So now we know what I do and what I don't do and all what needs to know, So we can start check prices~!

In all fandoms prices are same!

:bulletgreen: Sketch Commission 10:points: :bulletgreen:
More info:
- Sketch are without background

VCommission: Samurai Monkey by Terasedward

:bulletgreen: Lineart Commission 50:points:/60:points: :bulletgreen:
More info:
- 50:points: without background
- 60:points: With background

Stardroids by Terasedward Starman LineArt by Terasedward

:bulletgreen: Flat Colors 70:points:/80:points: :bulletgreen:
More info:
- 70:points: without background
- 80:points: with background

Chibi love by Terasedward

:bulletgreen: Black n' White 90:points:/100:points: :bulletgreen:
More info:
- 90:points: without background
- 100:points: with background

Original and Copy by Terasedward

:bulletgreen: Full Colored 130:points:/160:points: :bulletgreen:
More info:
- 130:points: without background
- 160:points: with background
- Without background got color to background, if it looks better then :3

Missing Zero by Terasedward Enkeli by Terasedward
After Defeated Sigma by Terasedward Last morning of Megacity by Terasedward

:bulletgreen: Comic Commission 180:points: :bulletgreen:
More info:
- Every comic commission have background and full colored
- min. 2 panels | max. 4-5 panels

Comic Commission: Keep on Fighting by Terasedward Blues last Words by Terasedward

Thanks to everyone who ever commissioned me. You dudes are always welcome to commission me more!~
(Sorry if I forgot someone who commissehs me many times ; A ; )


Terasedward's Profile Picture
Taru Föhr
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Megaman X Chibi Icons by Charmeggums

Welcome and Hi to you human who came to check my gallery!

Proto Man Icon by RenaTurnip
I'm -95 girl from Finland, who likes anime and manga. Especially Megaman game series.
My favorite Megaman game is Megaman 2 and Classic generally, but I like other MM games too.
My old favorite thing was Fullmetal Alchemist, so if u like FMA check out my gallery. There are FMA folder :)

Likes: Playing, retro, anime&manga, music, drawing, writing, humans
Hates: School, idiots, world

I don't bite! Come talk to me :3

I drawing "NSFW" material too. They you can found from Here

Skype Stamp by SparkLum
:bulletgreen: Terasedward :bulletgreen:
Facebook Stamp by SparkLum
:bulletgreen: Facebook :bulletgreen:
Deviantart MM Family :3 Ask to join!

:bulletgreen: Humans :bulletgreen:
Dr. Light = Narumoar

:bulletgreen: OC's :bulletgreen:
Spikeman = StupeX (Metal's [my] and Quick's [my loves] Child)
Prome Light = AriannaYbarra (Protoman's and Megaman's child from BYAM comic)

:bulletgreen: Megaman 2 :bulletgreen:
Metalman/Protoman/Zero = Terasedward (Me)
Quickman/Megaman/X = JazziBaw (Bro and Waifu)
Crashman = CookiiesPWN (Bro)
Flashman = Veww (Bro)

:bulletgreen: Megaman 1 :bulletgreen:
Elecman = Sonicbandicoot (Halfbro and pupil)
Timeman = SweetSilentSerenity (Halfbro)
Fireman = iimokookie (Halfbro)

:bulletgreen: Megaman 3 :bulletgreen:
Snakeman = SnakeManvsArbok (Bro)
Shadowman = shadowgem68 (Bro)
Magnetman = mimirao (Bro)
Geminiman = iimokookie (Bro)

:bulletgreen: Megaman 4 :bulletgreen:
Drillman = dialkia549 (Friend)
Skullman = TheNameSkullMAn ("Rival")

:bulletgreen: Megaman 5 :bulletgreen:
Starman = Beane-Cat (Bro)

:bulletgreen: MegamanV :bulletgreen:
Tango = StupeX (Pet)

:bulletgreen: Megaman X :bulletgreen:
Zero = Terasedward (Me)
Megaman X = JazziBaw (Partner and love)
Axl = Sonicbandicoot (Partner)
Gate = DrGate (Friend)
SEME stamp by antocovi
UKE stamp by antocovi



I love robotmasters, but;
Mega Man Support :PLEASE READ: by TerraTerraCotta

:heart: ~Megaman 1~ :heart:
1st Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp 8-Bit Ice Man Stamp by rickcressen

:heart: ~Megaman 2~ :heart:

Metalman by MikubaStamp :heart: Quickman by MikubaStamp
2nd Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp
Flashman by MikubaStamp:heart:Crashman by MikubaStamp

Stamp 03 - Metalman by ravenshield Heatman by MikubaStamp This stamp supports ME. by Dentist-ofthe-Future Bubbleman by MikubaStamp
Mega Man II Deviant Stamp by NES--still-the-best Heatman Hyadain Stamp by Kalari-Lupus MegaMan 2 by gamestampsfav

:heart: ~Megaman 3~ :heart:
3rd Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp Mega Man III Deviant Stamp by NES--still-the-best

Snakeman by MikubaStamp :heart: Geminiman by MikubaStamp
Topman by MikubaStamp Shadowman by MikubaStamp Magnetman by MikubaStamp
Stamp 04 - Magnetman by ravenshield Sparkman by MikubaStamp

:heart: ~The Megas~ :heart:
The MEGAS Stamp by Rayflectus Megas Stamp 1 by AlphaDoor Megas Stamp 2 by AlphaDoor

:heart: ~Bomberman and Bomberman Jetters~ :heart:
BMJ Mighty Stamp by kittypopchow601 Bomberman Jetters Stamp by kittypopchow601
Bomberman Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Bomberman Love Stamp by smileystamps

:heart: ~Random MM Stamps~ :heart:
MegaMan Stamp by Kooroe Hotel Megaman Stamp by MetalShadowOverlord Stamp Forte by momoko-niiu
Megaman's Journey by dreamsinstatic Megaman Generations Stamp by Shadow86SK DA Stamp - Dynamo by virago-rs
Megaman Megamix Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chan METTAUR FAN STAMP by SakuraYabuki Gate Fan Stamp by Evetsu
Robot Master Yaoi stamp by MorganCluelessGoat Rockman classic stamp by Cthulhu432 10th Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp
Dynamo Fan Stamp by Evetsu :P by MikubaStamp Dr Cossack stamp by Tiquitoc
9th Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp 4th Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp 5th Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp
6th Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp We Are The Robots - MM9 Stamp by Kalari-Lupus

:heart: ~Protoman Stamps~ :heart:
Blues by MikubaStamp Proto Man stamp by andrea-koupal Proto Man stamp2 by andrea-koupal


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